2009 Hall of Fame

Brenda  Phillips-Ridge
Charter: Ontario Skill Games – Scarborough, Ontario

If you're in Brenda's women's league, you probably don't look forward to facing the squad she captains.  They have been the League Champions for the last 12 sessions, consecutively.  She has also captured 4 mixed league titles and numerous provincial tournament championships. She has been voted Most Valuable Player several times and has several Sportsmanship awards.

As a Certified Referee over the past 12 years, Brenda has served as tournament coordinator at many local event, including running the junior leagues for the past several years.

In Las Vegas in 2007, Brenda tasted success at the highest level of her sport by capturing 1st place in the 9-Ball Sportswomen's Division as well as a third place finish in the Women's Regular Team Division.

“I would like to thank my League Operator, Ontario Skill Games, who without their hard work behind the scenes and their support, we players would not have such a great league in which to play.  VNEA Rocks!”  – Brenda Phillips-Ridge

Ginny Keeler
Charter: V.V.S. - Lincoln, Nebraska

Ginny's accomplishments on the local scene are numerous.  She has multiple Lincoln City Singles and Team titles and is a two-time Midwest Pool Association Singles Champion.  In 2007, she was also inducted into the Midwest Pool Association "Hall of Fame."

She is very involved with the City and Midwest Pool Tournaments and also volunteers as an Instructor for the successful VVS Junior Pool League Program.

Ginny has performed well at the VNEA International Championships and at the Las Vegas event in 1993, Ginny hit the jackpot and took home the title of 8-Ball Women's Masters Singles Champion.

Spending time Las Vegas with good friends and playing pool is one of Ginny's favorite things.

“Special thanks go to my good friend (and fellow Hall of Famer) John Bussey and the best League Coordinator on earth, Marshall Kohtz from V.V.S.” – Ginny Keeler

Mike Weiss
Charter: Twin States Music - Hudson, WI

In his 27 years of dedication and loyalty to the Twin States Music VNEA League system, Mike has racked up a multitude of titles in Singles, Doubles, and Team events showing his versatility as a proficient pool player.

Mike has served as his team's Captain and also helped organize weekly VNEA leagues and tournaments back in the early 1980s.  Always willing to help where necessary, Mike has always been a precious asset to his local Charter.

Having won the respect of his local players, Mike has made several trips to the International Championships in Las Vegas to match his skills against the best league players in the world.

“Watching the VNEA grow over the years to what it is today is truly amazing. I would like to thank my Charter Holder and local team sponsors.  The memories I have with the VNEA are too numerous to count.  Pool will always be a big part of my life.” – Mike Weis

Greg Sinclair
Charter: G & G Enterprises - London, Ontario

With Greg's vast pool experience and his knowledge of the VNEA system, he has served as Tournament Director for many of Ontario's major tournaments including the very first VNEA Ontario Provincial Championships.

Greg also played a key role in the formation of the Ontario Junior League Program.  His involvement helped grow the program and the skills of the local youth players.

At the Las Vegas Championships, you could find Greg as either a top-notch Tournament Referee or a proficient and hard working Statistician.  And Greg's pool playing skills are also of very high caliber.  His teams, which he Captained, traveled to Las Vegas several times to compete on the sport's biggest stage.

“My involvement with the Valley Pool Leagues has provided me with many fond memories, most of which I can share, some I can't.” – Greg Sinclair

Wayne Hicks
Charter: D & R Amusement - Burlington, IA

Wayne played pool in D & R Amusement's leagues for over 30 years, even before the formation of the VNEA.  He played every week and never missed the opportunity to compete in local tournaments.  Wayne was a great competitor and proved that every year by finsihing atop the leaderboard at several of the local annual Shoot-Outs.  He captured 1st place at the Shoot-Out in 1989.  With a trophy room full of nearly two dozen statues, Wayne took his talents to Vegas several times throughout the 1980s and '90s.

Many of Wayne's friends and playing partners were asked what some of the more memorable moment were while playing with Wayne.  The common answer was, "Any game was memorable when Wayne played."  I guess that says it all.

“Valley means quality and promotes quality players with an eye for the best in competitive pool.” – Wayne Hicks