Code of Ethics

We, the members of the Valley National Eight-Ball League Association, Inc. (“V.N.E.A.”), being dedicated to the promotion of honest, fair and competitive eight-ball leagues on equipment owned and operated by Charter Holders, in accordance with the rules and procedures of the Association, and believing that honorable competition between players, between Charter Holders, and between manufacturers is essential to the accomplishment of our common objectives, do hereby pledge to abide by the following Code of Ethics.

Code of Ethics

I. We shall not engage in illegal activity involving moral turpitude or in conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation.

II. We shall not make a material false statement, nor deliberately fail to disclose a material requested fact, in connection with an application for membership in V.N.E.A., nor shall a member further the application for membership of any person or entity who is known to be unqualified for membership.

III. We shall cooperate with all public officials and government agencies in every proper way and shall comply with all laws and regulations applicable to the coin amusement industry, including without limitation those relating to fair competition, restraint of trade and consumer protection.

IV. We shall always maintain our equipment and playing facilities at high levels of repair and cleanliness such as will encourage league play on equipment owned and operated by charter holders, in accordance with the rules and procedures of the Association, foster the growth of V.N.E.A. and stimulate competition and growth throughout the coin amusement industry.

V. We shall at all times treat other members and the public with dignity, respect and courtesy.

VI. We shall always conduct ourselves and our business, including league play on equipment owned and operated by charter holders,in a fair and honest manner, refraining at all times from conduct or practices that inhibit the expansion of eight-ball pool leagues or that reflect discredit upon V.N.E.A. or upon the coin amusement industry.

VII. We shall not engage in or permit any unauthorized use of the Association’s name or logo or the unauthorized use of any other materials in which V.N.E.A. claims a proprietary interest.

VIII. We shall not misrepresent the existence or availability of V.N.E.A. sanctioning for any non-eligible league or player.

IX. We shall not conduct, or permit, V.N.E.A. league play on location-owned equipment.