VNEA has given our league system Credibility & Stability, Participation, Player Perks, and Supplies.

Support: We appreciate being involved in a network of VNEA league operators who work together providing the best product possible for our pool players.

New Player Development: VNEA Junior Program provides great opportunity for America’s Youth along with the tools and encouragement to become a lifetime VNEA pool player.

—  V.V.S. - Lincoln, NE (Marshall Kohtz)

Leagues are the back-bone of our operation and have helped increase our customer base.

—  Hazelwood Corp. - Aitken, MN (Matt Zasmeta)

People will come. America has rolled by like an army of steamrollers. The one constant through all the years has been VNEA.

—  Warner Coin - Erie, PA (Ed Borgia)

Michigan probably has the worst economy in the country right now and if not for the commerce of VNEA Pool Leagues, our company and many of our locations would be additional victims of the recession.

—  All American Amusement - Flint, MI (Scott Bright)

VNEA Leagues are an important part of our business plan. VNEA pool is a social opportunity as it provides a chance to meet new people and enjoy the company of our friends.

—  Nebraska Technical Services - Omaha, NE (Dot Cyr)

Thanks to VNEA I have met and become friends with some of the best people in the world. The Association is the perfect tool for everybody in the pool industry.

—  Hartley Amusements - Springfield, IL (Mike Fowler)

After starting our VNEA League’s in 2000, we have seen a 300% increase in league participation. After attending the Charter Holder Workshop, we realized even more how much of a tool VNEA is to our company.

—  Top Score Games - Columbus, NE (J.D. Mitchel

Players have expressed to me that the VNEA scoring system is the most fair system in which they have played. The whole Vegas experience is quite fantastic and a great production. Currently we are able to offer VNEA leagues (4) nights a week and we are hoping to add more due to the increased interest in VNEA.

—  A.S.A.P. Vending & Games - Foxlake, IL (Susie Levinberg)

VNEA has allowed us to start the first ever Junior Pool Leagues in the state. Our kids are our future and thanks to VNEA and the Youth Program, our future is looking pretty bright up here in Wasilla, Alaska!

—  Tri-Valley Vending - Wasilla, AK (Tammie Kerby & Jerry Lewis)