Class of 2014



Charter: Aactive Coin - Winnipeg, Manitoba


Ted really enjoys playing pool. He’s played in everything from the Fun

Division Leagues to the competitive Vegas Division. His motto has always been, “Get out for a great night of League Pool!”. Ted, and Hall of Fame brother Bob, own Aactive Coin Machines and are very proud to have one 

of the largest Charters in Canada.

VNEA NOTE: As a Charter Holder and Operator, the VNEA has been a catalyst for our pool leagues success as new locations call us wanting the league... it gets us in the door. Valley tables are the choice of our players and the use of electronics on the tables has helped play during off-times.

All of us at Aactive strive to give our players the best “league” experience through the VNEA and our local Tournaments.


Charter: Wal-Mac Amusements - Edmonton, Alberta


April is a very decorated player in her local league system earning nearly every award possible. She has also Captained several teams and helped her Charter with Tournament duties. She has been very successful at the Western Canadian Championships with (6) Master Team titles and (2) Runner-Up finishes. At the Vegas Championships, April has been selected to the All-Star Team numerous times. Her team has won the Women’s Master Team event an incredible (4) times and she has accumulated other Charlie’s for top finishes in 8-Ball Singles, 9-Ball Singles and Scotch Doubles.

VNEA NOTE: I would like to thank Elmar Klapstein of Wal-Mac Amusements for this award. It’s an honour to be part of such a prestigious group and if there’s one lesson I’ve learned, it’s be humble when you lose and even more humble when you win.


Charter: Games People Play - Denver, Colorado


Scott was one of the first VNEA League Coordinators in Colorado and the Denver-Metro area and served in that capacity for about 20 years. He currently serves as Captain of his league team. Scott was also instrumental in helping to create and promote the Rocky Mountain Singles and Team Tournaments held in Colorado and surrounding states. Scott is also a long-time and valued Statistician at the VNEA World Championships in Las Vegas. In 2010, Scott was named “Statistician Of The Year”. 

VNEA NOTE: As I grew from a single man to a married man and then a father of three, I helped three Charter Holders grow as well. I saw people meet while playing pool, fall in love and start families. Now I see players with kids and grandkids participating in adult and junior leagues. I take pride in being involved from the ground up in Colorado and have always run leagues with integrity, earning the respect of my players.



Charter: D & R Star - Rochester, Minnesota


The first time Gary asked his wife on a date 32 years ago, he took her to the finals of a D & R Star tournament. Gary joined VNEA in its infancy and has had perfect attendance for 33 years. One season alone, he shot in 17 Tournaments. This year is his 14th VNEA International event. An early officer in his hometown league, Gary and his good friend organized the first Owatonna year-end, League Banquet/Tourney 27 years ago which now is a huge 5-day event. Gary has run many benefit tournaments, submitted newspaper articles, and uses his commercial art background to create fliers for youth and adult pool events. 

VNEA NOTE: You don’t have to be the best, you just have to love what you do and try your best. All the hours I’ve put into the VNEA pool community has paid off in many, many lasting friendships.



Charter: Ontario Skill Games - Scarborough, Ontario


As a League Coordinator, Jack continually recruits new members and helps players of all skill levels improve their game (including teaching the dynamics of the Diamond System)Jack has been Captain of numerous teams and promotes the league through various video presentations and on his Facebook page. Jack has competed in nearly every sanctioned tournament and event since joining the VNEA racking up a number of awards. He has also taken several trips to Las Vegas where he has finished in the money in both Singles and Team and has accumulated several “Charlies”. 

VNEA NOTE: I am looking forward to using the new on-line scoring apps and continuing to support Ontario Skill Games along with promoting VNEA Leagues to all players.