2000 Hall of Fame


Ed Borgia
Charter: Warner Coin Machines – Erie, Pennsylvania

Ed has served as League Coordinator and State Tournament Director for over 20 years. He has been an active Certified Instructor for over 10 years.

Ed served as Chairman of the VNEA Association Services Committee and has had an unparalleled dedication to the Junior League Program as both a coordinator and instructor, at the local and international levels.

Ed’s talent on the pool table is also polished as his league team captured both the 1993 and 1997 State Team Championships.

Helping to develop the VNEA Certified Instructor Program, Ed continues to serve as one of VNEA’s Classroom Instructors at the International Championships. He also serves as a member of the International Junior Tournament Committee and has served on the VNEA Rules Committee.

"The VNEA has changed the image of pool to the recreational sport that it is and everyone has benefited from this change." – Ed Borgia




Joe McClung
Charter: Derrick Music Company – Charleston, West Virginia

One of Joe’s treasured accomplishments is the fact that he started the first VNEA Open and Women’s Leagues in the state of West Virginia.

He is also responsible for helping start the West Virginia State Pool Association in 1996.

Joe has served on various committees including the VNEA Judicial and Tournament committees. Joe is also one of VNEA’s fine Certified Instructors.

Joe’s most memorable moment in the VNEA came at the West Virginia State Pool Tournament where his team played to an impressive 2nd place finish.
Derrick Music Company has been very fortunate to have Joe as their League Coordinator for several years.

"The VNEA has been very rewarding to me as I have made many new friends through my involvement with the association." – Joe McClung


Keith Miller
Charter: D & R Star – Austin, Minnesota

Back in 1978, Keith helped Dave Hawkins of D & R Star begin his local leagues. Keith keeps his ear to the pulse of the industry as the owner of Blooming Prairie Cue Company.

One of Keith’s proudest accomplishments was the formation of the area’s first Youth League Program. He has also formed a number of other successful VNEA leagues.

Here are a few of Keith’s other impressive stats: Team Captain (18 years); League President (12 years); League Promoter (22 years).

Keith’s most memorable VNEA moment has been seeing the young players that we have worked with over the years coming out of our Junior program and progressing directly into our adult leagues at the A, AA, and Masters levels. These same players are also tournament tested and compete well at the adult tournament events.

"I don’t know how you could be involved with an association more competent than the VNEA. Also, Valley Pool Tables are hands down the best table in the industry." – Keith Miller


Jill Nagel
Charter: N.T.S - Omaha, Nebraska

Jill’s local accomplishments are overwhelming. She started the Omaha City Leagues in 1991, helped establish the Omaha Youth Program in 1992, created the Nebraska State Invitational in 1994 and serves in many other capacities.

Here is a list of just some of the local playing titles that Jill has accumulated: League Team Champion (9 times); Midwest Team Champions (3 times); IA State Team Champions (4 times); IA State Singles Champion; NE State Team Champions (2 times); Numerous other Singles and League Titles.

International tournament pressure does not bother this Hall of Famer. Check out these numbers: 1988 – 3rd Place Women’s Team; 1997 – 3rd Place Women’s Team; 1998 – 4th Place Women’s Team; 1999 – Women’s Team Champions; plus numerous other high finishes in both 8 and 9-Ball Singles.
"Every year the VNEA continues to dazzle players with its organizational skills, quality tournament staff, and overall professionalism." – Jill Nagel



Bobby Rezin
Charter: Town & Country Amusements – Ontario, Canada

Bobby’s accomplishments are many. He has helped run tournaments in Canada for several years and continues to promote the VNEA League System to anybody who will listen. He is a great ambassador to the sport.

Here are a few of Bobby’s many pool life honors: VNEA league member since 1983; Multiple Team League Championships; Several Playoff and MVP titles; Several CanAm Top Finishes; Several 401 Top Finishes.

Bobby also has an impressive International Tournament record as evidenced by the following: ’86 and ’87 2nd Place Team; 1997 1st Place Masters Team; 1998 4th Place Masters Team.
Numerous other top 16 finishes in the Open and Masters 8 and 9-Ball Singles competition with a best finish of 3rd Place in 1993 in Las Vegas.

"The VNEA to me means good people, good sportsmanship, and good pool. Any time you went to any event that the VNEA supported, that’s what you got." – Bobby Rezin